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Hair Extensions

Extensions can add length & volume!

Here's a few clients that have invested in their hair.


Our Clients Say


Samantha Gamble

I absolutely love my hair extensions. When I first saw Michelle my hair was fairly long, but in a bad way. The ends were so incredibly dead. So with new color came a bit shorter hair. I started off with halo extensions to get a feel for how they are and so I could save up a bit for tie in extensions.


I loved the halo so I knew the tie ins would be just as great. I was done having all vivid hair due to hard up keep with a newborn. So opted to do all one color but have my new tie in extensions with color. Easier on my natural hair but still able to keep it fun. The process was wonderful.


Michelle was able to go into detail about what to expect and care for the extensions before I even bought them, while she was doing them, and after. she was able yo answer all questions or concerns. Extensions can be a learning process with the length and kind of hair you have.


Each visit we learn better placement for blending and length. I leave happy every single time. She is amazing and my hair wizard. She does the research and won’t do something she believes won’t look good or won’t turn out in color. I love the honesty and the help she provides. Idk what I did without extensions. My hair is fuller thicker and overall I’m just happier with my appearance and my hair.

Thank you Michelle!

2 packs of hand tied

hair before and after

2 packs of hand tied


5 packs of Tape Ins

pictures of hair
Hybrid Wefts.jpg
Extensions portfolio  - 2.png
Extensions portfolio  - 1.png

Babe Hybrid Hair Wefts


XO Invisible Wefts 
Are Here!!!!

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