The Golden Experience!

Here is a list of things you get to enjoy while your visiting my studio!

  • Olaplex/Aloxxi bond reconstructor in every step of your color process

  • Lunch provided for appointments spanning 5+ hours

  • Complementary Premium Wine, Starbucks Ice Coffee, Soda/Pops, Candy and Snack options.

  • Spacious, light, bright and modern atmosphere

  • Gold puffy eye/dark circles treatment patches to experience while in my studio or take them home with you.

  • Relaxing shampoo experience   (Dimmed lighting & soft music) if  you want it.

  • Salon exclusive, high quality hair care products

  • Complementary samples of products to try.

  • WiFi, Apple & Android chargers

  • Referral bonuses for referring your friends: (Free Coffee from Starbucks)

  • Holiday gifts for clients during November & December months

  • Client appreciation gifts throughout the year

  • I don't double book so you have my full attention.

  • Contactless payment options available

  • Monthly payment options for services over $300+ with AfterPay

Michelle Golden
  • Photo hair sessions after we are done making you beautiful

  • Collapsible table to work on if you need something for your laptop

  • Arm holes in the capes so that you can still see your phone or take a drink without worrying about something getting on your sleeve

  • A few toys for the kids to play with while they get their hair done, also access to Netflix to watch their favorite show.

  • I pride myself on running on time, so if you won't have to worry about being in the salon forever, many of my clients are in and out with in 2 hours

  • Complementary samples 

Coming Soon:

  • Heated Towels during your visit,

  • Individual round brush to take home so you can recreate what I did in the salon.

  • Silent Healing Hair Services (Coming soon!)


~Keith Abold


Michelle is by far the best person I have ever been to for platinum (Elsa blonde) hair!

Not only is it perfect every time, it also doesn’t take half of my day!

Like 2 hours from start to finish tops! Blondes know that’s rarely ever the case!

Want This To Be You??

Here are some options of what you can do next!!