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What's The Golden Experience??


Chapter 1:    A GOLDEN WELCOME

When you step into my studio of charm and relaxation your journey begins with the warmest and inviting welcome, I will be waiting for you as you come into the salon and drawing you into a sanctuary where beauty and tranquility  meet.

Chapter 2:   Crafted Consultation with Hair & Scalp Analyst .

With the most intimate one on one conversation I will be unveiling your hair goals. Together we will design a personalized plan that is tailored precisely to your hair goals and hair, scalp needs for the next year.

Chapter 3:  A Touch of Gold at the table


Indulge in an curated menu of selected snacks and treats, a refreshing glass of Premium Wine, a Starbucks Iced Coffee, Variety of Soda/Pop to immerse yourself in a touch of luxury in your salon experience.


Chapter 4:  Time Transformed: 

As your beauty metamorphosis unfolds, I ensure that your time is filled with delight. Immerse yourself in entertainment tailored to your taste by watching  your favorite shows or catch up on some light reading, all while relishing in your transformation taking place.

Chapter 5:  The Golden Oasis


Sink into the plush embrace of my salon and let the world fade away. Experience the bliss of a lavender scented eye pillow/compress and let your cares melt away with a smoothing paraffin hand treatment when you get a color service.


My heated towels and aromatherapy oils elevate the relaxation at the shampoo bowl to an art form.


Chapter 6:  The Elegance Revealed

As your transformation comes to reality, I will unveil the new you. I want you to gaze upon your reflection and marvel at the beauty we co-created. 

I will then capture this moment forever with a professional head shots that encapsulate your beauty.


Chapter 7:  The Finer Details​

Discover a world of curated accents that elevate your experience. From fashion-forward accessories to complementary bridal options, every detail adds a touch of glamour. 

A small toy bin is available for our younger visitors who are receiving a hair service. If you are stressed and need some fidget accessories for anxiety ensure that I have you covered and you can be at ease when you sit in my chair.

Chapter 8:  Cherished Connections

When you visit me, our relationship endures beyond the appointment. Experience my gratitude through client appreciation gifts, holiday surprise, and referral awards. Along with seamlessly manage payments with contactless options and flexible monthly plans using AfterPay.

Chapter 9:  Captured Memories

Your Golden Journey isn't just a service, it's a memory etched in time. Relive the experience through expertly captured photos that tell your story of transformation. My commitment to your comfort shines through in every detail, from full moveable tables to the armholes in your cape.


I pride myself on running on time, so you won't have to worry about being in the salon forever, many of my clients are in and out with in 2 hours

The Golden Experience isn't merely a place of beauty, it's a place of elegance and grace. Every detail, form consultation to transformation, is orchestrated to provide and experience that pampers and uplifts.

Embark on this journey with me and uncover a world where beauty meets tranquility , all within my studio.

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