Late Cancellations:

respectfully ask for 12-24 hours notice but with Covid-19

 anything less than 4 hours notice:

  • First Time: True Emergency....FREEBIE

 After that​ its:

  • 100%  Rebooking Fee of that missed services

No Show Clients:

  • Clients who NO SHOW with no communication

  • Will be required to pay a rebooking fee of 100% of that missed service or will need to pre-pay for any future appointments. Clients will pay by invoice before any new appointments will be accepted.

 Late Clients:

  • Clients who are late may possibly need to reschedule or forgo some of the services

  • Ex: blow dry/style and will be charged full price of amount that was scheduled. There could also be a fee of $15 for every 15 minutes late.

Confirming Your Appointments:

  • Clients please confirm your appointments when it sends you the reminder email or text message.

  • Not confirming your appointment could result in losing your spot.

  • If your appointment is not confirmed within 12 hours of that scheduled appointment I will reach out one more time through my square system. If I don't get a confirmation that your coming it will be canceled so that I may get another client in your spot.

  • Clients who confirm their appointment but then NO SHOW will result in a rebooking fee before any future appointments will be made.

Booking Fees:​

  • Some color services will be required to put 50% towards their appointment as a booking fee to secure the appointment. This is not refundable or transferable. So if you No Show you forfeit the booking fee.

 All Fees:

  • All fees (Late cancellations, Late clients fees, booking fees must be paid by invoice before any future appointments will be bookable.

Protect Your investment: Strict Policy

  • Clients who do not use salon professional products for at home care. All professional products will be purchased from me. If  client does not purchased from me, I can not guarantee your longevity of your hair color service once you leave my studio.  

Glasses and Notebook

Redo Policy:

  • 48 hrs to contact me if unhappy with services, 

  • Color clients will be subjected to additional cost of color if they change mind on original hair color.

 Social Media Pictures:

  • Before & Afters are used for social media, website, & marketing. 

  • When asked if its ok to take your picture that gives me consent to post them. 

  • If you want you can share and tag yourself.

  • If you don't want your face shown just let me know.

Retail Products:

  • All sales are final on all salon products or the purchase of hair extensions

  • NO REFUNDS- If it is unopened you may return it for a refund or exchanged with in 48 hours of purchase.

Return Check Fees:

  • ​Clients who's check was returned because of not enough funds will result in up to $25-$50+ fees depending on the bank.

  • All services must be paid in full with an invoice with bank fees. Due within a timely matter or legal action will be taken. (Theft of services) 

Payments of Services:

  • All payments of services must be paid at time of appointment.

  • No check holds for any future dates.

  • I accepts Cash, and all major Debit or Credit Cards.

  • If you forget your wallet, card declines, bad check & I have to send you and invoice to pay for your hair services there will be a $15 service charge for this payment option. All invoices must be paid within a timely matter. Any invoice that is paid after 12 hours of original appointment time will result in a $50 late fee for each day that it is not paid.


Children's Policy:

  • I love your little ones!!  However the salon is not always a safe place for children and  with Covid we have to keep our client count to a minimum per our state guidelines. 

  • If your child is not getting a service I respectfully ask that you make arrangements for child care. After all I want this to be a relaxing service for you too.

  • This is a safety issue, I have hot tools, & breakable things in my studio I do not want anyone to get hurt. I also do have the right to tell your child if they are touching something to stop. If I feel like they can not behave in my studio I will ask you to call someone to come get them, or we might even have to reschedule. 

  • If you do bring your children in and they do break something of mine, You will be responsible for the cost of replacing that Item. As well as you will be asked to not bring your kids in the future. If client still brings them after I have already voiced my child policy I will ask you to reschedule and a rebooking fee will be assessed.