Hair Extensions!!

Want Long, Luxurious, & Amazing Hair??

Hair extensions just might be your go to solution.

I offer Babe & Hot Heads Hair Extensions.

They come in Tape ins, Beaded, Hand Tied,  Machine Wefts, and Halo techniques.

Having extensions isn't for just length or body it could be for clients who want to grow out their short hair and want to have their hair long and beautiful now. Or how about someone who has thinner hair and wants it thicker. 

Extensions are your instant, snap your fingers magic wand.

Now understand this is a luxury service so if your thinking about extensions make sure you have time time to maintain them as well as afford them.

Here is how the cost breaks down:

Hair Costs:

-Due at time of Consult: $500-$1500+ 

depending on what type of hair goals your looking for

Install of hair extensions:

- I charge $175/per hour

- Usually takes me 2-3 hours to install

- Complementary Retail Package (Valued at $75)


- Is every 6-8 weeks

- Includes new beads & thread

- I also charge hourly $175/per hour

Each client receives extension shampoo, conditioner, extension brush complementary

 with first install of hair extensions service. (valued at $75)


Customize your color to match your extensions or we can  also color your extensions to match your hair. This would be an extra service so pricing can be found on my service menu page

Sound Amazing??

Book your consult with me to customize your dream hair today!