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Local Vendors


Brett & Kelcee Stewart @ KB Images LLC

Ashley Regan

CoordinatorsAngela Roman

Champagne & Grace Events

DJDerek Zerr

DNA Music Entertainment


Ally Fazio

Lynne-Lee Board & Graze Co.


Iowa Cake Lady

Cheryl Spencer


Wedding Coordinator:

Anna Barton

Spray Tans:

Megan Griffiths

Travel Agent:

Karla Urwitz


Bridal Preview Prep

Any recommendations on how I should prepare for my Bridal Preview? This is one of the most commonly asked questions that I get on the regular. Below you'll find my tips for preparing for your Bridal Preview. 


I like to do the bridal preview 3 months before the big day, but ultimately this is up to you and your preference. I would definitely reserve your date before that, though. I have brides reach out to me as far out as a year before their wedding date.


The bridal preview typically takes about 2 hours (if you are doing both hair and makeup). I will usually block out 3 hours just to give us plenty of time to execute the look(s) we're trying to achieve.


Find 1-3 photos for inspiration for both your hair and makeup.

Try to dwindle it down to your top favorites.

*Find pictures that have the same color of hair as you do

*What do you like about these styles?

*What don't you like about these styles?


Keep in mind when bringing inspiration photos that they are INSPIRATION. Everyone has different hair texture, length, color, etc. Also keep in mind a lot of the ladies on Pinterest have hair extensions in. Lucky for you, this lady does hair extensions.


Bring any accessories you plan on wearing the day of.


Let me know if you are allergic to anything product related.


Arrive at your appointment with COMPLETELY dry hair and a clean face if getting a make up trial at the same time.


Be honest at your preview. I can't read minds. If you don't like something, tell me! You won't hurt my feelings, I promise! I would rather you tell me at our appointment you're not liking something so we can fix it, than you going home unhappy.


This is YOUR preview. This is your time to make your vision come to life.

Enjoy every moment!

I will have refreshments and some snacks for you to enjoy while we find the perfect wedding style. If you are wanting something specific please let me know ahead of time.

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