I want to make sure that when you come into my studio you feel as safe as possible!

Here are all the precautions that are being taken.

❤️ All clients wear a mask⠀
❤️ I will also be wearing a mask⠀
❤️ I will change my mask and eye wear after each client⠀
❤️ I leave 15 minutes between each appointment for deep cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces⠀
❤️ All my tools are disinfected after each client ⠀
❤️ I have always use a new comb and brush with every client and will continue to do so
❤️ I keep my door shut while your here
❤️ I have an air filtration system ⠀
❤️ I kindly ask that all guests wait in their car, text me when you get here and I’ll text you when I’m ready for you⠀
❤️ Use hand sanitizer when you enter my studio provided in my studio
❤️ I ask each client if they have any symptoms (or anyone in their home) to kindly reschedule
❤️ I kindly ask if you have a pending test result, please wait to book an appointment till results. If your results are positive you must wait 14 days to schedule.
❤️ Limited food/drinks, no magazines will be offered⠀
❤️ Contactless payment ⠀
❤️ I will save special times for clients who are high risk
❤️ Please come alone to your appointment ⠀
❤️ Please limit the amount of personal belongings you bring

So tell me...

Would you feel safe on my studio?